- Terms of Use
TRUNK (HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK has established the following rules based on Article 10 of the Accommodation Agreement to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. We kindly ask for your cooperation. Failure to comply with the rules outlined herein may result in refusal of accommodation and access to hotel facilities in accordance with Article 7 of the Accommodation Agreement. In such cases, the guest may also be liable for any damages incurred by the hotel.

Regarding Hotel Usage

- Please refrain from bringing or engaging in the following actions that may cause inconvenience to other guests within the hotel premises:
1. Animals, birds, or other pets (except for assistance dogs) in certain facilities.
2. Gunpowder, volatile oils, or other inflammable and explosive substances.
3. Items emitting foul odors.
4. Firearms, swords, or narcotics prohibited by law.
5. Acts of gambling, behavior that disrupts public order, or actions causing inconvenience to other guests.
6. Going outside of guest rooms in yukata, bathrobes, slippers, etc., except for pool facilities.
7. Distribution of advertisements, promotional materials, product sales, solicitations, etc.
8. Taking photographs in public spaces within the hotel without the hotel's permission and using such photographs for commercial purposes.
9. Inappropriate use of mobile phones, such as talking or making loud calls in improper places, causing discomfort or inconvenience to other guests.
Please refrain from engaging in gambling or other behavior that disrupts public order in hallways, guest rooms, or balconies.
- Please refrain from attaching or changing fixtures to the hotel building or facilities.
- Please do not remove items from the guest rooms to outside the hotel or move them to other areas within the hotel. In case of loss or damage to hotel property, the guest may be required to compensate for the actual cost.
- Please do not place anything on the windows or balconies that may tarnish the hotel's reputation.
- Guest rooms and balconies are non-smoking areas. Additionally, the use of heating appliances, cooking equipment, candles, etc., without the hotel's permission in guest rooms and hallways is strictly prohibited. Cooking in guest rooms is also not allowed.
- Please check the evacuation routes posted on the backside of guest room entrance doors and emergency exits on each floor.
- The hotel does not have parking facilities. Please use nearby parking lots and do not leave valuables and other items inside the parked vehicles. The hotel cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, or other incidents occurring while parked.

Regarding Valuables

- A safety box is provided in the guest rooms for your use. Please note that the hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of valuables.
- Regardless of your stay, the hotel will not accept cash, valuables, securities, perishable, or easily damaged items at the front desk, restaurant, or bar. In the event of loss, theft, or deterioration of such items at the mentioned locations, the hotel may not be held responsible.
- The storage periods for items left in our custody are as follows unless otherwise specified:
Front Desk: 3 months
Restaurant & Bar: 1 month
Items received by the Front Desk from staying and non-staying guests: 1 month

Regarding Internet and Communication

- Regarding the use of wireless communication, equipment preparation, connection, and settings are the customer's responsibility. Therefore, any advice given by the hotel staff regarding its use is at the customer's discretion, and the hotel is not liable for it.
- Sending and receiving emails using the Internet may not be available through the customer's contracted provider.
- When using computer communication services from the hotel, it is at the customer's responsibility. The hotel shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the customer due to computer communication services, except in cases of negligence by the hotel. We recommend that customers take security measures, such as virus protection and protection against unauthorized access for their computers used, in advance.
- While we manage the computer communication facilities with care, if any abnormality, malfunction, or problem occurs, we will make efforts to promptly restore them, but the hotel shall not be held responsible for any data loss or damages caused by communication interruption. Please be cautious.
- When using computer communication services, the following acts are prohibited, and in case of violation, the hotel may suspend usage, and the customer may be required to compensate for any damages incurred by the hotel or third parties:
・Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties or the hotel.
・Acts that infringe on the property, privacy, or portrait rights of third parties or the hotel.
・Excessive data transmission or reception that disrupts other communications or interferes with the operation of servers managed by the hotel or third parties.
・Sending unsolicited advertising, promotional, or solicitation emails to third parties, or sending emails (harassment emails) that may cause recipients to feel discomfort or fear.
・Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses or supporting, promoting, or recommending them.
・Acts that violate laws or public order and morals, causing disadvantages to third parties or the hotel.
・Other acts deemed inappropriate by the hotel.

During Disasters

- In the event of disasters such as earthquakes or fires, please follow the instructions of the hotel staff.

Pool Activity and Conditions
In order to ensure a safer and more comfortable experience for guests utilizing the pool, TRUNK(HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK has established the following pool usage regulations.

1.Guests who have consumed alcohol, are unwell, have any skin conditions, are suffering from infectious diseases, or have been advised by a physician that swimming is not suitable for them are kindly requested to refrain from using the pool.
2.Entry to the pool is strictly prohibited for individuals associated with organized crime groups, individuals recognized as having ties to anti-social forces, and individuals with tattoos (including temporary ones), regardless of size.
3.The pool may not be available for use in case of inclement weather, maintenance, or during hotel-organized events. Additionally, during peak hours, it may be necessary to wait for pool access. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in such situations.
4.Guests are responsible for the safekeeping of their own cash, valuables, and personal belongings.
5.Guests wearing diapers are not permitted.
6.Children under 12 years old are permitted to stay until 8:00 p.m. Children under 130 cm in height must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
7.Children over 130cm tall must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
8.No swimsuits or rash guards are allowed.
9.Strollers are not allowed due to the narrow and dangerous poolside area.
10.Only rental beach sandals are allowed on the poolside. Please refrain from wearing any other footwear.
11.Prior to swimming, please use the provided showers to wash off any makeup, sunscreen, or other products before entering the pool.
12.The following items are strictly prohibited from being brought into the pool area:
a.Food and beverages
b.Large rubber boards, bodyboards, flippers, snorkels, beach balls, water guns, and any other recreational equipment
(Please note that inflatable rings, as long as they are not excessively large and of the ring type, are permitted. However, during crowded times, usage may be restricted.)
c.Any other items deemed dangerous or causing inconvenience to other guests as determined by the staff.
13.The use of drugs, bringing in food and beverages, as well as bottles, cans, and glasses is strictly prohibited. 14. When using the pool with children, please make sure they wear swimwear over swim diapers.
15.Jumping and diving techniques are prohibited to prevent inconvenience to other guests and ensure safety.
16.Smoking is not allowed within the pool area. Moreover, swimming after consuming alcohol is dangerous and should be avoided.
17.Please refrain from taking photos or videos of guests who are not your family or friends, conducting interviews or recordings without permission, and wearing headphones while swimming.
18.To ensure a safer and more comfortable experience, please follow the instructions of the pool staff.
19.Please be informed that the pool staff may periodically conduct inspections of the pool bottom for safety purposes.
20.While we provide first-aid treatment for injuries, we cannot take responsibility for any subsequent issues.
21.In the event of any misconduct in violation of these regulations, failure to comply with staff instructions, or if the staff determine there is a risk of danger or inconvenience to other guests, immediate departure will be required.
22.Matters not specified in these regulations shall be governed by the hotel's facility usage rules.
23.Please note that these regulations are subject to change without prior notice.